Product Care

How Do I Care For Byron & Brown Leather Products?

Cleaning – we recommend cleaning the leather exterior of your Byron & Brown product with a soft cloth and warm, mild soapy water. Ensure that the cloth is thoroughly wrung out so it feels very slightly damp, and gently wipe the surface of the leather. Repeat using clean water.

Storage – when not in use, we recommend storing your leather item in a cool, dry environment.

Care – do not leave your leather products in prolonged sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or other high intensity sources of light can lead to irreversible discolouring, fading and deformation of the leather.

Do not expose to wet, damp or humid conditions or high temperatures. Water can be harmful if it penetrates the leather and can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks that cannot be removed.

Never soak the leather nor apply detergents and do not wash the fabric lining. Refrain from ‘feeding’ the leather with products such as waxes, polishes or saddle soaps. This may leave the surface of the leather sticky, attracting dirt and causing irreversible damage.